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Technical Assistance to the design and implementation of ICA Oman

Due to previous experience, Dajani Consulting was contracted by the World Bank to assist the National Center for Information and Statistics (NCIS) in Oman to prepare, plan and implement the 2014 Investment Climate Assessment (ICA), since the last ICA conducted in Oman was in 2003. The company provided economic consultant and survey manager to help NCIS in developing sampling frame, selecting the 500 enterprises sample based on the methodology of Enterprises Survey by the World Bank, translate and finalize the survey questionnaire, train the enumerators, create data entry frame and contribute to the field work supervision and progress follow up. The assignment included missions to Muscat – Oman as well as continuous support from Dajani Offices in Amman.

Sample Verification for Competitiveness index survey

The USAID Jordan Competitiveness Project (JCP) assigned Dajani Consulting to prepare an up-to-date valid list of enterprises operating in certain economic activities (Clean Technology, ICT, Health & Life Sciences), and classify them according to ISIC ver. 4 as well as other criteria. The database should also be user-friendly so that the information can be easily accessible and retrievable by USAID/JCP officers and consultants. For this purpose, Dajani Consulting provided a team of survey professionals in addition to a fully-equipped call center with trained call agents. Special questionnaire and data entry frame were developed and used in the survey.

Consulting services and capacity building in the field of Monitoring & Evaluation for INJAZ KSA

Capitalizing on the work done for INJAZ Al Arab organization, Dajani Consulting provided consulting services to INJAZ program in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, with the aim to develop a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for youth and entrepreneurship initiatives. In addition, customized on-the-job training was offered to INJAZ KSA to build their capacity in operating and maintaining the M&E system and use the tools to collect information and keep records of performance and achievement in the initiatives.

Torino Process Evidence-Based Analysis of VET Reforms and Projecting Reform Impact in VET

Jordan has expressed interest in joining the Torino process with the aim at making the process as a self assessment tools toward development of VET sector in Jordan. The project was designed to help Jordan in building the capacity of key stakeholder of the sector in updating the Torino Process Report. The assignment focused on updating the governance model of the sector from 2012 to 2014.

Strategic sector skills development plans for Banking, Insurance Garment and Electro Mechanical Sectors

As part of the support to the E-TVET reform project managed by GOPA Consultants, Dajani Consulting was involved in a sectoral study of the skills in Jordan. The study’s main objective was to identify skills gaps within the sector of employment for each of the above four sector. We have identified the supply and demand of skills within the sector in addition to total sector analysis of current and future demands for jobs within the sector.

Reviewing the legal framework of the E TVET sector

As part of the technical assistance provided by the “EU Support to Employment and TVET Reform”, Dajani Consulting was commissioned to review and research good practice in the development and implementation of E-TVET sector legal frameworks. The project involved all Employment sector key players in Jordan .The project involved identifying loops within the current laws of the sector player as well as suggested future improvements of current laws. The project also included drafting legal text for TVET comprehensive law. The project also included Reviewing and analyzing the Tawjihi provisions in the relevant legislation for the proposed amendments of current legislations in order to facilitate alternative pathways to higher training, qualification and education in their own right, to implement.

Monitoring and Evaluation workshop for key players of the Employment Technical Vocational Education.

As part of the support to the E-TVET reform project managed by GOPA Consultants, Dajani Consulting delivered a 4-day training program titled “Monitoring and Evaluation, Program/Project Cycle and Results Based Management and Related Reporting and Proposal Development/Writing”. The objective of workshop is contributed to improved capacity for E-TVET program and project monitoring, evaluation and reporting at management and operational levels for officials of the E- TVET institutions through providing training and capacity building in Monitoring and Evaluation, Program/Project Cycle and Results Based Management, and Reporting and Proposal Development/Writing. The training workshop included examples, case studies and group exercises. The workshop was organized by "Support to Employment and TVET Reform Program” a project funded by the EU. The workshop was attended by Ministry of Labour , Vocational Training corporation , Jordan Enterprise , National Employment and Training company , Central Bank of Jordan , Technical Vocational Education and Training Fund , Employment council , National employment Strategy Unit , Centre of Accreditation and Quality Assurance and Balqa Applied University.

Support to E-TVET Sector in Jordan (2013 – 2014)

Based on TVET reform strategy, the Government of Jordan (GoJ) started with the design and partial implementation of a new structure for the coordination of the E-TVET sector, with the E-TVET Council at its heart.

Stagnation in the reform process, political changes as well as budgetary constraints affected the degree of priority set for the reform implementation. Whilst employment stands very high among the national priorities, the strategy was mainly focused on TVET issues with only very general references to employment issues. A broader Employment strategy (encompassing, and with clear link to the TVET strategic orientations) has been approved in 2011 and its action plan developed in the past months.

A consortium of European companies and Dajani Consulting was awarded a two-year project with a budget of 3 Million EUROS to support the upgrading and development of E-TVET sector in Jordan.

The overall objective of the project is to support Jordan’s Employment and TVET reform efforts and related interventions in order to improve the long-term relevance, efficiency, equity, as well as institutional and financial sustainability of the Jordanian Employment and TVET system.

The purposes of this project include:

a) to enhance capacities at the ETVET Secretariat, TVET stakeholders and MOL (especially to Directorate of Employment and Training) regarding Employment and TVET strategic planning, policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring.
b) to enhance capacities in costing and financial planning at the Ministry of Labour in general (especially at the Directorate of Employment and Training, DET), the E-TVET Council and Secretariat, and other Employment and TVET stakeholder regarding TVET and Employment related policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring;
c) to enhance capacities at the MOL (especially at DET and MOL UPSP), ETVET secretariat as well as DOS in the field of data production and analysis regarding (a) the Electronic Labor Exchange (ELE), (b) the Labor Market Information System (LMIS), and (c) the Human Resources Development Information System (HRDIS).
d) to enhance capacities, systems and instruments at the CAQA as well as the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) regarding the accreditation of community colleges and main stakeholders (VTC, Vocational Education Directorate at Ministry of Education and Community Colleges) in the field of accreditation and quality assurance.
e) to provide technical support and specific outputs for Employment and TVET related issues as requested by the ETVET council and program steering committee.