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Yalla Watheefa – Documenting Labor Market Dynamics in Jordan

As a follow up to the Jordan NOW wage subsidy voucher and soft skills training pilot project and the Jordan NOW 2.0 screening and matching pilot project, the World Bank assigned Dajani Consulting to study and evaluate (a) shortages on the demand side of the labor market across a variety of sectors and (b) educated youth’s reservation wage and willingness to pursue available jobs. Therefor, World Bank hired Dajani Consulting to collect monthly employment data from a sample of firms in Amman and to manage an experiment to document the job search process of educated youth in Amman. The project included updating of listing information of previous participants in employment programs, as well as listing newly-graduated college and university students to take part in the “Yalla Watheefa” experimental project. During the project, a large team of project managers, supervisors and field researchers surveyed more than 500 firms for 6 months to collect employment and recruitment data. The researchers also matched between the vacancies announced by 40 companies and the job preferences of more than 2500 graduate. Latest electronic data collection technology was used to control the quality of the collected data.

Support to E-TVET Sector in Jordan (2013 – 2014)

Based on TVET reform strategy, the Government of Jordan (GoJ) started with the design and partial implementation of a new structure for the coordination of the E-TVET sector, with the E-TVET Council at its heart.

Stagnation in the reform process, political changes as well as budgetary constraints affected the degree of priority set for the reform implementation. Whilst employment stands very high among the national priorities, the strategy was mainly focused on TVET issues with only very general references to employment issues. A broader Employment strategy (encompassing, and with clear link to the TVET strategic orientations) has been approved in 2011 and its action plan developed in the past months.

A consortium of European companies and Dajani Consulting was awarded a two-year project with a budget of 3 Million EUROS to support the upgrading and development of E-TVET sector in Jordan.

The overall objective of the project is to support Jordan’s Employment and TVET reform efforts and related interventions in order to improve the long-term relevance, efficiency, equity, as well as institutional and financial sustainability of the Jordanian Employment and TVET system.

The purposes of this project include:

a) to enhance capacities at the ETVET Secretariat, TVET stakeholders and MOL (especially to Directorate of Employment and Training) regarding Employment and TVET strategic planning, policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring.
b) to enhance capacities in costing and financial planning at the Ministry of Labour in general (especially at the Directorate of Employment and Training, DET), the E-TVET Council and Secretariat, and other Employment and TVET stakeholder regarding TVET and Employment related policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring;
c) to enhance capacities at the MOL (especially at DET and MOL UPSP), ETVET secretariat as well as DOS in the field of data production and analysis regarding (a) the Electronic Labor Exchange (ELE), (b) the Labor Market Information System (LMIS), and (c) the Human Resources Development Information System (HRDIS).
d) to enhance capacities, systems and instruments at the CAQA as well as the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) regarding the accreditation of community colleges and main stakeholders (VTC, Vocational Education Directorate at Ministry of Education and Community Colleges) in the field of accreditation and quality assurance.
e) to provide technical support and specific outputs for Employment and TVET related issues as requested by the ETVET council and program steering committee.

Jordan Business Enabling Environment Survey – WORLD BANK ,IFC , EBRD and EIB

One of the support activities of the World Bank is the improvement of private business enabling environment . Within this context, World Bank have contracted Dajani Consulting to survey Jordan business enabling environments for 600 Jordanian establishments in the survey . The survey focused on infrastructure, sales and suppliers, degree of competition and innovation, applicable laws and regulation for investments, business- government relationship, availability of financing, labor, export support services, investments constrains, productivity , competitiveness , and operational expenses. The results of the survey will used by the World Bank and its partners to prepare an future intervention for SMEs .

Interventions in Literacy and Numeracy Skills for the Early Grade education in schools

As Dajani Consulting have completed the National Literacy and Numeracy survey in Jordan to assess the reading and math skills at early grade education, Dajani Consulting was contracted by RTI to facilitate and manage the interventions phase resulting from the survey recommendations, to improve the reading and math skills among early grade students at public schools of the Ministry of Education (MoE). The project involved TOT for teacher on the modern teaching techniques of reading and math, as well as curriculum development and other activities. Dajani Consulting coordinated with RTI for the deployment of several education experts, and arranged the workshops and meetings with MoE.

 Regional Capacity Building for Arab Municipalities (2013)

Dajani Consulting in collaboration with Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia is carrying out a regional capacity building program dedicated for the Arab municipalities. This program consists of a series of training workshops organized by Dajani Consulting and AUDI, and held in Amman on monthly basis. These training workshops cover essential topics such as project cycle management, superior customer service, public-private partnerships, monitoring and evaluation as well as other topics. Participants come from various Arab towns and cities upon invitations from AUDI.