Electronic Health Users and Patients Satisfaction Survey in Jordan

Hakeem as a prime operator for the  automation of the of the public sector hospitals and health care centers in Jordan, hired Dajani Consulting to assess the users and patients satisfaction with the current management information system “Hakeem” applied in more than 100 sites. The research team of Dajani Consulting was able to collect data from 5000 users and patients at 18 sites to measure the overall satisfaction level of end users and patients with the automated system. The study aims at informing “Hakeem” decision makers on the challenges and impediments of using such program, and the expectations of the end users and patients.


MSME’s Development Needs Assessments for Syria refuges

With the support of the Madad Trust Fund, and under the Regional Resilience and Livelihoods Program for Syrian refugees and host communities , Care International on behalf of leader consortium has assigned Dajani consulting to identify development needs of over 300 micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSME’s) for Mafraq and Irbid governorates  . The research focused on identification of capacity  building program needed by MSMES , barriers to growth for selected companies and  identification of potential non government organization .The research was able to identify potential  for growth barriers focusing on human resources and future demand for hiring , financial assessment of the enterprises ,as well as operation assessment   participating  enterprises .

Feasibility Study For Establishment of Vocational Training center vulnerable women in Jordan For Sisterhood in Global Institute (SIGI)
Sisterhood in Global Institute (SIGI) is a women non-government organization that caters towards advocacy for women at risk in Jordan. Being a leading women NGO in Jordan, SIGI wanted to create a vocational training institute which is also a productive project to be linked with an income generating project to train vulnerable women and women at risk on vocational jobs.  The project included conducting  diagnostic assessment of SIGI, and a feasibility study on the viability of the training center and how to establish demand driven vocational training center that can generate income for SIGI.
Labor Market Supply and Demand Examination of Jordan
The GIZ Employment Promotion Program (EPP) was recently launched in Jordan to create employment opportunities for 4000 Jordanians. The project includes components related to gender employment, job placement as well as policy reform towards enhancements of employment. To serve the needs of the project, Dajani Consulting was assigned to prepare a study for the project in order to select and plan its labor market interventions. The study included socio-economic analysis of the highest potential governorates and sectors for employment by looking at supply and demand, desk study to prioritize and select target areas for intervention, field assessment of occupational profile for jobs in high demands, assessment of skills needs per job, assessment of TVET providers within selected governorates, identified the supply of labor profile. The study resulted in identifying the governorates, sectors and occupations with highest demand for employment. The study also was able to identify the potential for job matching and job placement within each target governorate.
Early Grade Reading and Math Project (USAID RAMP) in Jordan (2015-2019)
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has named RTI International the lead implementer of its Early Grade Reading and Math Project (USAID RAMP) in Jordan, in partnership with Dajani Consulting and other local and international partners. The initiative builds on a successful RTI/Dajani Consulting reading and math intervention during the 2013-2014 school year. RAMP is a nationwide effort designed to improve the reading and math skills of children in Jordan in grades KG to 3rd grade in public schools. The project will include coordination with Ministry of Education; developing and distributing learning materials and curricula to classrooms; training of teachers and other education staff; promoting community participation; and supporting adoption of early grade reading and math policies & standards. The project, which will be carried out over five years with a budget US$ 40 million, expects to reach all public school students in Jordan in grades K-3, which are estimated be 400,000 children. Dajani Consulting will play the role of data collection and management of more than 2,500 schools across Jordan, supporting the M&E function of the project, Dajani Consulting will also implement and manage two major national-scale reading and math assessment surveys planned to be conducted in 2017 and 2019.
Management of Job Readiness and Placement Program “Tamkin” (2016-2017)

As part of the support to building active labor market program (ALMP), Dajani Consulting managed the set up and operations of “Tamkin” initiative in Jordan funded by E-TVET Fund and World Bank. The Initiative included the registration of unemployed youth in a training program followed by subsidized internship program, and monitoring of the job vouchers and placement of the youth at private sector companies in Zarqa, Irbid and Ma’an governorates. The set up required development of application form, logs and other documents, in addition to development of an on-line mentoring system MIS, which will be based at the E-TVET Fund. The initiative is an 18 months project covering more than 5,000 youth graduates from universities and colleges. The project in funded by world Bank and ETVET fund which aims at providing training for 3000 unemployed Jordanians and to place 1200 unemployed on the jobs .

Investment Incentive of FDIs in Jordan

Dajani Consulting was awarded a project by  the IFC / World Bank to carry out the investors survey in Jordan. The project includes preparation of survey instrument and a sample  frame of domestic and foreign investors. The research focused on identification of investors expectation and needs toward investment climate and incentives , main factors influencing investments decision in Jordan , expansions plans , investment incentive priorities,  investment climate improvements and reasons for investment . The research also focused on understanding  the factors affecting the establishment, operation and sustainability of investments.  The final report , included detailed analysis of factors influencing investors in Jordan and future recommendation for improvement of factors that influence  the investors to invest in Jordan .





Investment Promotion Strategy for JIC

USAID Jordan Competitiveness Project (USAID JCP) - led by DAI – has selected the consortium of Dajani Consulting and OCO Global Consulting to develop a three year investment promotion strategy and action plan, for the newly-formed Jordan Investment Commission (JIC). The tasks include a series of work sessions with JIC management and staff; desk research of the FDI markets and meetings with investors’ representative inside and outside Jordan. The organization and function of investment promotion within JIC shall also be reviewed. The strategy will propose innovative approaches to increase the attraction of FDIs into Jordan, with limited available resources.

Jordan Workforce Development Project (2014-2017)

This five year project – with a budget of USD 40 Million - aims at creating demand driven workforce development  system that leads to increased private sector employment, especially for women,youth and those living at or below the poverty line. The project is designed to make sure the targeted groups are equipped with labor market demand-driven skills and competencies. The project aims at achieving improved quality of and enrollment in vocational and workforce readiness trainingin target areas/sectors, improved effectiveness of labor market information, career counseling, mentoring, outreach, and job placement, improved workforce development for women, youth and vulnerable groups and improved workforce enabling environment through certification and accreditation.  The project will reach-out to and employ over 25,000 Jordanians within the next five years. The project will be working mainly with five sectors including Tourism, Construction,

Business and Professional Services, Transportation Services, and Energy. The project is implemented by a consortium of DAI, Dajani Consulting, Education Development Center and Souktel.