At Dajani Consulting, we are committed to providing excellence in our services, inspiring confidence and success, and delivering value to our clients. We combine creativity, technical expertise, and sound business acumen to deliver solutions that are realistic, practical, implementable and most importantly, successful - for what is success to an organization if not a reflection of the success of its clients. In our consulting assignments we utilize international best practices and always update our approaches to suit client’s needs and serve them better. In our consulting work we utilize international best practices and always update our approaches to suit client’s needs and serve them better.


Since establishment Dajani Consulting has implemented project as a lead firm or as a part of a consortium. Our projects range from small scale assignment to large scale multi years projects.


We have implemented project in Jordan and the region ( Saudi Arabia , Oman , Yemen , Palestinian territories , Iraq and Syria) .


Dajani Consulting has work with many different sectors including but not limited to:  government,  municipalities , Non government organizations , business associations , community based organizations , agriculture , education sector , manufacturing , information and communications technology , tourism , health , transportation , micro small medium size enterprises ,  renewable energy , banking , real-estate , pharmaceutical , chemical, courier , garment and textile , special needs , handicrafts , health , metal as well as others . 


Well positioned in the market as an Economic development Consulting Firm has enabled us to focus and become a specialized firm providing the following services:

·         Labor and Employment.

·         Monitoring and Evaluation.

·         Market Studies and

·         Investment.


Since establishment, Dajani consulting have worked with many international donors including but not limited World Bank , European Union , United States Agency for International Development (USAID ) , United National Agencies ,  Japan International Development Agency , European Training Foundation as well as others .


In addition to the above we have implemented project for international companies/ organizations such as Research Triangle Institute (RTI) , Development Alternatives Incorporation DAI , Deloitte ,  Creative Intentional  , Gopa Consulting , Integration , DFC , SOFRECO   , Bernard Kreif , IBF Consulting , GFA , ECYROS  , GIZ , OCO Global as well as others .